February 19, 2017

Rome Sweet Rome

I love going on city breaks. No surprise there. This blog, after all, used to be called Girl Lost In The City. Adventures in new places would be the theme that pulled everything together, finding my way in London and in other bustling cities. Finding my way, finding my passions and new ideas. It’s my favourite way of using up any allotted holiday time. I feel very lucky to live in London which means I have a choice of multiple airports to get away from the stresses of every day life for even just few days. Even 3 or 4 days in a new city can feel like enough time. Big long holidays have huge benefits of course if you book them in advance, but I prefer to dot around little and often – and sometimes I prefer it if a trip is impromptu.

This February I went to Rome for the first time and it came at a very a good time. Feeling a bit bogged down by the realities of a new year and ongoing projects that are exciting but draining, the thought of going to Italy to eat amazing pizza and spend time with Paul away from any work was just too exciting.

We stayed in Trastevere (which I 100% recommend). I felt like we picked a really good spot, the location of our Air B’n’B was along a really friendly residential road. It was lovely, a really cool area. We loved walking around, discovering restaurants, vintage shops, book shops, bars, and everything is walkable, 20 mins wander to the Colosseum and gorgeous Spanish Steps for example.

Via the magic of the Internet, I got introduced to The Roman Guy on Twitter, a place where you can go on small group tours and get brilliant recommendations from a small team of people. Their catch phrase is “Italy without the crowds”. Sadly I was actually ill with a bug when we arrived in Rome (I was gutted) so I missed out on the tours, but from what I’ve heard they are brilliant, so wanted to give them a shout out:

Firstly the Trastevere Locals Food Tour, the VIP Colosseum Dungeons where you get to skip the lines and get access to the supercool restricted areas and VIP Vatican & Sistine Chapel – where you skip the lines, go in an hour before the general public. And you get to go to the Sistine Chapel first before the crowds arrive.

We also took up the other hints and tips from The Roman Guy.

Food recommendations:

For pizza we hit up Da Poeta (picture above – the Buffala pizza OH MY GOD!) Also La Renella. We went to Le Mani for fresh home-made pasta – had amazing Bolognese and fettuccine.
For Aperitivo we went to Freni Frizioni, a cool bar where you can get a beer or a fun cocktail and then pay a set fee to eat as much from the aperitivo buffet of delicious food. Dreamy. We also bumped into two of Paul’s friends in this bar, clearly a popular one for 20-somethings.

Breakfast was always so good too. Italian coffee, gorgeous! And we had to try a typical breakfast which an espresso and a cornetto alla crema. Our Air B’n’B also had a brilliant coffee machine so we’d wake up with the sunlight streaming in and sip an espresso in bed.

I love Air B’n’B so much. It makes me so excited to stay in another person’s apartment in another city and feel excited about the world around me.

Thanks Paul, for taking me to this magical city.

Do you have any tips, for the next time?

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  1. Cole Nemeth says:

    Rome looks so beautiful! I’d love to go there sometime!

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