February 20, 2017

New(ish) Yummy Place: Tandoor Chop House

My sister Jo and I went to the Tandoor Chop House last week; I’ve been so excited to try it out since it opened. (Plus anything that makes it onto Leyla from The Cutlery Chronicles‘s Instagram feed is definitely OK by me.)

I love any Indian food, and this is a fusion between a North Indian restaurant and a British Chop House in the heart of central London. It felt totally different and unique, if I could use any reference point it would be “if you like Dishroom, then you will love Tandoor Chop House.”

The menu was really simple and quite honestly this is my favourite type of menu, I can’t be doing with heaps and heaps of options. There are about six main menu options. You know it’s a good sign when a restaurant does a few banging dishes, and this is exactly that.

The atmosphere was also really lively, it was quite dark and the tables are spaced out enough to feel on your own (we were in a little booth for two) and I love that the buzzing kitchen is in full view. You can watch the chefs have fun while they cook and see all the smoke billowing out from the big Tandoor ovens.

We went for the House Tandoor chicken, Black pepper chicken tikka, Amritsari crispy lamb chops and oh-my-god the Green chilli, garlic & cheese naan was honestly the best naan I’ve ever tasted. We went a bit overboard because they are so moreish.

The cocktails are strong and good too – I’m not a massive cocktail lover, but the Darjeeling Negroni definitely added a certain something to the evening.

Really recommend.

ps. now I can’t stop thinking about that Naan bread.


Thank you to the Tandoor Chop House for inviting me to review your lovely restaurant.

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  1. Great pictures. They make me want to go to London just to eat.

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