June 20, 2017

Switching Off: My Trip To Osea Island With HP

Have you heard of a magical place called Osea Island? Let me tell you all about it.

As you might have seen (it is everywhere!), I’m in the new Microsoft advert, using it to create many different pieces of content on-the-go using the HP Spectre x360. I do everything on my laptop and it’s many different formats (laptop, tablet, tent mode) help me achieve all the different moving parts of my work.

So I was very excited to be invited to a fun Island Records music event by HP to blog about the trip. It was hosted on Osea Island, which I hadn’t heard of before. Have you? I Googled it, thinking maybe it was somewhere abroad, but no, it’s actually technically in Essex, an island on the Blackwater Estuary, surprisingly close to Central London. My Island experience felt like a new adventure, but it wasn’t even that far away from home….

1. Getting onto the Island…

Osea Island is described as a “luxury holiday and event island” and the whole experience was so fun – it’s quite the adventure even getting there. It’s a short train journey from London and a twenty minute taxi ride to get there but you drive along a path that is only visible when the tide is out, and there’s only a few times in the day when you can physically get on and off the island. This definitely adds to the mystery and excitement of staying there. On arrival you feel so completely removed from the hustle and bustle of London life. The views, the sea, the nature, the history (lots of famous musicians have reportedly wrote albums on the island, Amy Winehouse included) – there’s a real sense of magic on the island.

2. Relaxed sport and all the food…

The pool area was the main hub area where people gathered to sit on inflatables and listen to DJs. The weather was incredible and food was amazing (lobster and deep-fried oysters – yum) and the beer was flowing all day. I really enjoyed watching people play rounders (it’s such a hilariously dramatic game!) and also got quite addicted to a game of table tennis. It was really enjoyable to do some gentle exercise in a non-competitive and really fun atmosphere. I normally avoid any sort of sporting activity with the fear that it would turn into something too serious, I’m not very good at competitive games! But it turns out cycling around, playing tennis or getting involved in a game of rounders doesn’t have to be stressful when you’re on a party island. There was always something to do on the island, but equally, you could also just sit on the warm grass and look out at the water and blue skies. It was the most relaxing place I’ve been to in quite some time.

3. Going back to basics….

I didn’t go on my phone the whole day, and it felt good. It is a blessing that on this magical island the signal is quite patchy so everyone was forced to unwind and switch off from texting and tweeting. It was like going back to basics, there are bikes all over the island, so it’s your number one way of getting around. I stayed in a yurt with no electricity which I haven’t done since I was a kid (although the bed was way more comfortable than a sleeping bag) and I realised just how much I missed watching live music. I discovered the wonders of Sigrid, her amazing vocal range and the small intimate crowd meant you could see everything going on the stage up close and personal. I also enjoyed Oh Wonder! who would do a little storytelling session between each song. I loved the story of how they wrote their song “Getting High On Humans”, it was about one of the singers overhearing and then joining in with a conversation on a train when two girls where discussing their favourite food. The song is about strangers bonding on public transport, one of the biggest London taboos.

Thank you HP & Island Records for this very fun mid-week party!

Watch the video I did in partnership with HP below all about my Island adventure. It is a sponsored piece of content, but all thoughts my own.


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