August 08, 2017

The Evolution Of Blogging: Welcome To My Shiny New Website

Welcome to my new website, it’s had a little face-lift and a lick of paint, and I love it. It reflects where I am right now.

Blogging has evolved so much over the years. I remember when I worked at a PR agency back in 2010 you’d literally search “top 10 bloggers in the UK” and find a list on the Telegraph and contact them and that was literally it. It seemed like there were only 10 big ones in each category, really. Since then, even our grandparents know that blogging has boomed. PR agencies now have to decipher which influencers out of THOUSANDS are the best for their projects. Micro-influencers are killing it in their own niches. Newsletters feel the most intimate unfiltered platform around at the moment. It feels like having a blog no longer sets you apart. Saying you blog is like saying you breathe air. Every does it. It’s never been more important to have something interesting and a bit different going on.

Over the years new platforms have been launched, apps have died (RIP Vine). I have had roughly 72828 different blog templates. Instagram is only seven years old and yet we don’t remember life without it. Podcasting is the new blogging right now, in terms of the “boom” and the sheer amount of people diving into it. Hundreds of new podcasts launch every week and it’s exciting. And just like with with the blogging boom, many will launch and few will stick. The rise and fall of different platforms has been great for experimenting with our own personal branding, we’ve had a range of platforms to choose from and grow our audiences and test out content for years. It’s all about defining and redefining our own personal little corners of the Internet. Finding our homes.

The ways brands work with bloggers continues to change. If 2007 meant a free T-shirt in the mail in return for a post, 2017 is the year of huge-scale campaigns with the same influencers who used to accept the free T-shirt ten years ago. The hustle and work ethic is real. Blogs have the same traffic (if not more) as traditional media. We all know this but people still forget to compare it in real terms. Are blogs finally being accepted as businesses in the mainstream?

The standards are very high now when it comes to websites and online visuals. I’ve heard people explain it as being your ‘shop window’ which sounds a bit like something you might find in a career brochure, but it’s true. I’m no photographer or designer, but I’m learning that visuals are increasingly important, even if you are a writer like me who just cares about words. It’s not about Keeping Up With the Jones but it is about keeping up with what technology can do for you and your career.

I created my first blog back in 2009 and it morphed into a lifestyle/ travel blog called Girl Lost In The City and it was responsible for so many good things in my life. I made amazing friends and got so many dream jobs and dream speaking gigs and awesome projects off the back of that blog, it won awards and sent me around the world. I have kept my ‘Travel‘ section of this website and I look forward to bringing more travel content aimed at busy urban women. There’s only so much ‘bossing it’ you can do before you need to switch the hell off and reconnect with your off-duty self without all the shiny distracting things. Only then can you check-in properly and ask yourself what you truly want in life. My travel section promises to bring stories, inspiration and recommendations from both close-to-home city breaks and places far away.

In the years since launching that old blog, my work has evolved and I have evolved, grown and changed lots too. I write on here less, mainly because I am busy with other multiple projects but I wanted to make sure I still felt excited about this blog, because I still want to write on here. Sometimes there is no better feeling than getting something off your chest and not needing it to be “perfect” before publishing it. There are plenty of pieces on here that I know that no magazine would ever want to publish and that is the beauty of blogging and having freedom to write your thoughts on the Internet and share it with readers or anyone that might stumble upon it. This is the point of it all for me. The connection, the chances, the community.

I’m excited to have an upgraded page to house my podcast content now too. Although I absolutely love making my podcast (I get to interview the most INCREDIBLE people) I want to make sure I’m still writing on here too. Podcasting is my dream platform (I could never get into the YouTube thing) and maybe I have a face for radio (lol) but it is not the same as sitting at a Word Document and typing your heart out. Writing will always be my first love.

My events page is always getting filled up which is always exciting. Things like live podcasts, literary festivals, chairing events, speaking opportunities, workshops, you name it. There’s lots more coming to that page that I haven’t quite been able to announce yet so do check back. If you have anything that might float my boat, definitely get in touch via my contact page.

Basically, I hope this site introduces you to a whole host of different things and that you find something that you enjoy, be it a podcast interview, travel inspiration or event recommendation. We are all trying to find the small pieces of joy in our lives and all I hope to do is spread some of that. Blogging and the digital world as a whole is always evolving so we can never sit still, but I’ve never been happier with my little corner of the Internet. Thanks, as always, for your support.

Welcome. xo

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  1. Such a lovely post, it’s been fantastic watching your site grow and I look forward to all your posts and keeping a watch on Brand Gannon! Frankie x

  2. It’s so exciting to be in the blogging world; I can’t wait to see where we all are in the next 10 years!

  3. Peta says:

    I absolutely love the new look Emma and I couldn’t agree more with your outlook on the blogging world and how it is ever evolving. It’s an amazing journey to be on. Wishing you all the luck in the world with everything you do in the future, I’m looking forward to reading your travel posts as well as listening to your podcasts. Hopefully one day I’ll be able to attend one of your events too!
    Peta x

  4. Emma Gannon says:

    Thank you so much Peta. And yes come to something soon, would love to meet you! xx

  5. Emma Gannon says:

    So true! Me neither 🙂 xx

  6. Emma Gannon says:

    Thank you so much 🙂 xx

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