October 03, 2017

The Multi-Hyphen Method: My New Book, Coming Soon


It was announced on the Bookseller this morning.

It will be published next year with the amazing non-fiction team at Hodder & Stoughton.

The Multi-Hyphen Method is described as “an essential new business book for the digital age.” It is the career book I would want to read right now. I am fascinated with the future of work, our new evolving definitions of success and how technology is changing our lives at lightning speed, allowing us to have multiple strings to our bow. This is all about diversifying skills, designing your own career and working LESS, not more. This is a business book, sure, but it’s about living LIFE and our modern lifestyles and how we make the most out of our tech and make it work FOR us. I couldn’t be more excited about this. This method — the Multi-Hyphen Method — has changed my life. I am certain you’ll want this book in your life 😉 and actually you can pre-order it now (link below). Thank you to the coolest most patient queen Abigail Bergstrom for being the best literary agent ever and Hodder I cannot wait to work with you on bringing this to life. SO excited!!!


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My New Book

The world of work is changing - so how do you keep up?
You have the ability to make money on our own terms, when and where you want - but where do you start?

If you've been itching to convert your craft into a career, or your side-hustle into a start up, then The Multi-Hyphen Method is for you.