October 27, 2017

Ctrl Alt Delete x Adobe

This month I collaborated with Adobe and really enjoyed working the team. It was such a no-brainer for us to make some content together, considering I use Audition to edit my podcast episodes for Ctrl Alt Delete. I went to Amsterdam to do a talk on the growing importance of audio at their IBC conference. It was a brilliant event and I met some incredible people, namely Vinnie Hobbs who edits Rihanna’s music videos (so cool) and Billie Fox who edited Straight Outta Compton and Only The Brave, a film that’s just come out now. Their talks were absolutely brilliant and I left feeling really inspired. I also got to explore Amsterdam, absolutely love it there and want to go back again.

Check out this interview I did with Adobe on their blog called “On Air: Putting Media on the Mic”.

I also made a video with them all about editing and the growth of podcasts, below.

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