October 28, 2017

40 Minutes With Munroe Bergdorf: On Race, Privilege and Real Conversation

Model and Activist Munroe Bergdorf hit the headlines a few months ago when L’Oreal cut ties with her for speaking out about the protests in Charlottesville. Now she is working with beauty brand Illamasqua and featuring in the Huffington Post’s new online documentary series, New Activists. By being unafraid to speak loudly about issues she cares about, she’s become one of the most important voices in the UK right now. 

She sat down with Lliana Bird, Emma Gannon and producer Shola Ajeje (picture in top image) on their podcast Get It Off Your Breasts to share her side of things and discuss racism, privilege and why we need to all speak openly and honestly about racism in mainstream conversations. The full episode goes live on MONDAY morning.

Munroe’s topic she wanted to Get Off Her Breasts was being “boxed in” as a trans woman: 

“My topic is putting people into boxes. And being surprised when people break out of that box.” 

She spoke up about the back-handed messages she would get from followers who would reveal their prejudice against trans people:

A lot of people who don’t run in the same circles as anyone who identifies as trans would message me and say: “I never thought that I would agree with a trans person”, or “I never though a transgender person could be so down to earth.”

She spoke about the need to be seen as multi-faceted and not just put in one tick box by the media:

“I think it’s something that all women experience, I want to be on the news one minute and then rolling around in a fashion campaign on the floor in a sexy dress the next. I want to be a whole person.”

“Like, you can be a sexually active woman and have a brain.”

Munroe also speaks about race and white privilege: 

Everyone, regardless of their race, holds racial bias. We all do. But there’s a difference between racial prejudice and systemic racism that will actually stop you from progressing in your life.”

This is our 7th episode of Get It Off Your Breasts which is an 8-part series. Past episodes feature Konnie Huq on sleep-shaming, Dawn O’Porter on celebrity-trolling, Shappi Khorsandi on being single, Sara Pascoe on sexual predators. The season finale is an episode with Angela Scanlon.

Get It Off Your Breasts in currently in the top 50 in Society & Culture on iTunes.

You can listen here on iTunes and ACAST. 

Top image from left: Lliana Bird, Munroe Bergdorf, Shola Aleje, Emma Gannon.

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