November 06, 2017

CTRL, ALT, DELETE Podcast: #101 Hannah Jewell (On The Nasty Women From Hidden From History)

Hannah Jewell is a pop culture host at The Washington Post, and a former senior writer at BuzzFeed.

At Buzzfeed she became known for her humour writing – she presented BuzzFeed’s live 2016 election night show, which was watched by nearly 7 million people.

She has also now written a book called 100 Nasty Women of History. All about brilliant, badass and completely fearless women everyone should know.

The book is about women in history who were deemed too nasty for their times. When you learn about (the very few) women in history, it’s hard not to wonder: why do they seem so prim and proper? The truth is, (mostly male) historians keep glossing over the real details, or leaving out the women who threatened their idea of what a woman should be like. They’re intelligent, ahead of their time, some overthrew empires, and some just wanted to have a good time – obviously none of which were acceptable at the time.

It’s sort of history the way you’d tell it to your friends at the pub – full of the salacious, the mind boggling and downright brutal happenings, as well as plenty of modern day judgement.

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