November 14, 2017

Listen To My Guest-Hosted Podcast Episode for the TATE

A few weeks ago I spent the day interviewing artists and historians in St Ives, as part of a project commissioned by the Tate.

I met the brilliant Anthony Frost aka the nicest man in St Ives (he knows EVERYONE in the neighbourhood, it took ages to walk anywhere ha). Anthony is a well-known artist and son of famous international artist Terry Frost, and told me all about the beatniks and rise of the St Ives art community. I’ve had the most magical time here, by the sea, chatting to people and working with lovely producer Karen Pirie.

Our trip coincided with the glitzy opening of the new wing of the Tate St Ives and Terry Frost was one of the artists to have his work permanently displayed there.

We went on some exciting walks around St Ives and went looking for painter Alfred Wallis’s grave up on the Barnoon Cemetary that overlooks the beach as part of our audio doc. His grave stands out, his friends clubbed together to give him quite an elaborate grave as he didn’t make much money from his work: it has beautiful tiles that make up a picture of a lighthouse with a person going in. His paintings are so well loved by St Ives and the TATE and he only took up painting in his 70s (never too late for a career change). Didn’t feel sombre, just really magical up there.

I stayed at the amazing Trevose Harbour Hotel (pictured) and it was one of the nicest and most relaxing hotels I’ve stayed in. Jess greets you at the door and offers you a drink, gives you a fresh flannel, shows you the most amazing tranquil room and was incredibly friendly and helpful. I got a burger from Blas burgers (famous for their deliciousness) and the walk to work was incredible the next day. There is something incredibly relaxing about being by the water. Felt like all the stress just dropped out of my body by being in beautiful St Ives.

So, the podcast episode is now live! Check out their new podcast series Walks Of Art for my guest-hosted episode. Want to go back soon!


Me and Anthony Frost

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