November 16, 2017

40 Minutes with Sara Pascoe on Sexual Predators & Fake Followers

In this episode of Get It Off Your Breasts, we sit down with comedian and author Sara Pascoe and chat about sexual predators, fake followers and the #prayfor hashtag and social media etiquette.

We hope you enjoy this SIXTH episode of our roundtable podcast Get It Off Your Breasts and please remember to rate and review us on iTunes.

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One Response

  1. Daniel says:

    Hi, I enjoyed listening to your podcast. Generally speaking I understand we ‘man’ still have a long and not so easy way to go, to transform, to adapt. The good thing is though I believe that we can learn.

    I have te learn and understand and ‘read/ interpret’ better and different woman’s signals . For me that’s a rewiring job of what is seed and grown during 50+ years life time. But, I will work on that.

    Thank you

    PS Sara I hope you come to Amsterdam one day for a performance 🙂

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