November 17, 2017

Attending The Prince’s Trust Awards

I was really honoured to have been invited to the annual Prince’s Trust Awards last week in London.

I wore this bright red furry coat from Born At Dawn, mainly because I thought it was very on-brand with their logo (sort of joking, sort of not).

What an incredible evening it was, hearing the stories of people who have done so much to turn their lives around, having so many hurdles and obstacles thrown at them that most of us will never experience especially at such an early age.

The stories were incredible and it was very moving evening all round. There was the young entrepreneur who started a business after being bed-bound with a chronic illness called Charlotte (pictured below), the trans campaigner who suffered sexual assault and homelessness, the young man with panic attacks and Asperger’s who now has a full-time job working with transport, when he used to not be able to even go on the train without panic attacks. The winners of the community impact award who live with disabilities but who set up initiatives to help other people worse off them, even though they need help themselves. It was a seriously inspiring evening and really makes you realise how many incredible exist in this world, doing small but remarkable things.

The awards celebrated inspiring people who don’t dwell on their situation but instead go and change it. Thanks for having me, Prince’s Trust.

I really enjoy supporting this brilliant charity. I also recently delivered a short speech at the Prince’s Trust ‘Get Hired’ day, more information that here.

Oh and The Prince’s Trust are always looking for online mentors– if you have a skill (you do) and some time (maybe you do?) then get in touch with them. You can mentor someone online and who knows how it might help <3

Click the link here if you are interested in becoming an E-mentor for The Prince’s Trust.

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