December 02, 2017

CTRL, ALT, DELETE Podcast: #105 Tom Chatfield (On How To Spot Bullshit)

Tom Chatfield is a leading writer, thinker and speak on technology and digital culture.

We sat on a panel together a few years back and I loved what he had to say. He’s consulted for firms ranging from Google, Coca Cola to Time Out, he is interested in improving our experiences of digital culture, with a special interest in A.I., the psychology of human-machine interactions and the ethics of tech.

He’s a TED Global speaker (with ver 1 million  of his talk “7 Ways Games Reward the Brain”) and a prolific author. Tom’s 7th book CRITICAL THINKING has just come out with Sage publishing and it’s a brilliant book full of tools on how to think more clearly in this age of digital overwhelm. He is a columnist for BBC’s worldwide technology site and BBC Future and guest lectures at universities in the UK and all over Europe. He has written for the Financial Times, Guardian, Observer, Independent, Sunday Times, New Statesman, New Scientist and Wired. He took his doctorate at St John’s College, Oxford, and was named one of the world’s 100 leading thinkers by think tank LSDP. He knows his stuff. We talk about the word ‘expert’ and what that actually means, how to sniff out bullshit online, the future of tech and how to deal with incessant emails. Hope you enjoy this one.

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