January 03, 2018

Some Thoughts To Take Into 2018

Own your actions, your voice, your story, your decisions and opinions. They belong to you.

Don’t be afraid to speak up and out, even if it terrifies you sometimes.

Other people’s behaviour is rarely ever about you. Be kind in the first instance.

People will copy you and you will realise it doesn’t matter in the slightest.

Don’t waste time trying to impress strangers. Spend your time making sure the people who truly care about you feel seen and cared for. Don’t lose focus on that.

Whenever you feel occasionally low or full of doubt – zoom out. See your bigger picture. Things look slightly different from above.

Prioritise self-care. Make time for yourself. Try and make it non-negotiable.

Try – it’s hard – to assume people are trying their best before you form a negative opinion. You would want people to do the same about you.

B O U N D A R I E S. Build them and keep them strong.

Manifest, visualise, set intentions. Write it, say the things you want out loud, open yourself to possibilities. You need to believe it first before anyone else will.

Don’t be overly competitive, because no one can take anything from you. Be open-hearted.

Work on a secret project that fills you up. Don’t tell anyone about it.

Don’t try and make people agree with you.

Learn to forgive yourself. It’s one of the only ways to move forward and conquer old lingering feelings of shame.

Give compliments. On Twitter, or on the tube.

If you feel like your mind is swimming, write in your journal by hand.

Read, read read. Especially when you’re feeling tetchy. A book is a world for you to dive into and you’ll feel better after spending time there.

Don’t compromise your integrity. Ever.

Listen. Practice listening. A lot of people don’t do it.

You don’t have to feel the weight of the entire world – you just need to make the right steps towards changing it.

Write write write! It’s what you do.

Remember, you don’t always have to respond.

Nervousness and excitement are very similar emotions. Try and own the excitement as a positive experience.

Don’t talk shit about people.

You can be multiple things at once. Even if they contradict each other. Allow your multiple selves to have their own space. They are all a part of you.

You don’t *need* validation, but of course it feels nice.

Check in on friends who go a bit quieter than usual.

Cook slowly. Follow new recipes. Enjoy it.

Don’t try and match anyone’s ego. If someone is beefing themselves up, let them. Don’t take it as an invitation. You don’t have to prove yourself in front of anyone.

Go out more. Make memories. Print photos more often.

Some days, a hot mug of tea will be the simple answer.

Accept the compliment. Move on.

If in doubt, say no.

Don’t think of it as exercise. Just move your body.

Invest in soft blankets and bed linen. They are worth it.

Invest in yourself, always.

Take selfies if you want to take selfies.

Listen to the advice, but then probably ignore it.

Don’t feel guilty on the days when you really enjoy your life. It’s yours.


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