January 04, 2018

8 Go-To Brands For Bold or Brightly-Coloured Clothes

It’s no secret that I love BRIGHT and colourful clothes. Not all the time, but definitely most of the time. I have some black items that I use as basics but overall I enjoy going bold with statement coats, shoes, bags. Yellow, red and green are my current faves. I have a yellow bag from Cambridge Satchel Company that I am totally obsessed with, for example.

So, when I asked on Instagram what your favourite bright-coloured clothes stores are out there, I thought I’d compile some of the best answers and the ones I took a shine to. Some I’ve already bought from and loved, some I’m really really glad I’ve added to my bookmarks and have some new stuff on the way…


They do really cool bright (homemade! Independent!) dungarees which are really unique and eye-catching. A new brand I’ve only just discovered and want to support.  Thanks @clairezbell for recommending this one. lucyandyak.com


This is AWESOME independent online boutique for bright clothes. Also really good for inspo on how to match items together. Bright green and gingham for example. Thanks @evainthecity for the shout-out on this one. I’m actually not sure if it ships to the UK yet. I will have to find out. lisasaysgah.com


I’m a huge fan of Monki especially their oversized t-shirts, jumper dresses and knitwear. I love a slouchy baggy loud jumper to do my work in when I’m working from home. Fail-safe option. monki.com


I love Nobody’s Child and it’s so cheap sometimes I am shook. I’ve enjoyed many a bold floral wrap-dress from here. Thanks @elsoir for reminding me to put this on the list. nobodyschild.com


I love this new brand I’ve discovered. Bold stripes and interesting shapes is what I’m most naturally drawn to. This one was suggested by @jeanjacqq. envii.com


If you love LOUD PRINTS, this is the clothing destination for you. It’s a little bit more pricey this one though. Thank you for the heads up, @k_thx. gormanshop.com


This is a gorgeous brand for some really nice statement tops that you could totally wear in the day time but also to an event evening too. Thank you, @maybetsy! kitristudio.com


Think this is my new fave. Bold interesting clothes and slogans and all things FUN. Multi-coloured coats! Raspberry-coloured trousers! I love it all. Thank you, @abiwhales. bando.com

Any other suggestions, peeps?


2 Responses

  1. caz says:

    Lazy Oaf are uh-may-zing

  2. SusanEtc says:

    I’d never heard of Nobody’s Child until today and I think I’m in love

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