March 06, 2018

Hopping Around California with Hertz

Here’s one thing I know for sure: you can’t have a relaxing Californian road trip adventure without a Sat Nav and a car you feel comfortable in. You can end up spending quite a long time in the car getting from A to B, but it’s still enjoyable because of the amazing scenic routes. California is BEAUTIFUL! You can end up getting quite attached to the car, it’s your little travelling home where you can get drive-thru coffee, play music and get excited about the destination of your next adventure.

Why was I in California? Well, in February this year, I was invited to participate in the Visit California Outlook Forum conference with panels and talks all about the future of travel. It was such a joy to be involved and asked to sit on a panel alongside some seriously impressive online entrepreneurs (Bruna Viera, a mega influencer from Brazil, and Damon & Jo, from Shut Up & Go an energetic and lovely YouTubing duo who speak multiple languages across their content. Impressive.)

So, seeing as I was going to be flying from London Heathrow to LA, I decided it would be rude not to extend the trip and try and do a bit of travelling around. I explored Palm Springs, Joshua Tree, LA (and the many different parts of it, my fave being West Hollywood) and Huntington Beach. (Keep an eye out for separate reviews and write-ups on all these wonderful places). I’ve been to LA before and relied on Ubers, but it’s definitely a much more freeing feeling having your own car that you can just use at any time.

In LA, I found the parking relatively easy. We stayed a few days in an Air B’n’B in Silver Lake, we did a day trip to Venice Beach and found a parking spot on Abbot Kinney Boulevard easily. We drove to West Hollywood, and it was useful having car as some roads like Sunset Blvd are really long. I had meetings in a few different locations and definitely don’t think I could have walked it!

Driving down the desert roads on the way to Joshua Tree was one of my favourite journeys. The views were breathtakingly spectacular and it felt really good to be in the middle of pure nature. I felt my shoulders drop, with views like that it was impossible to feel stressed. We stopped off at the popular haunt Pappy and Harriets too. With our Sat Nav we managed to save so much time (and so much phone data!)

We used the Never Lost GPS from Hertz, which was brilliant as it gives you an option of three routes to pick from and recommends the fastest one.

Thank you to Hertz UK, for lending us a car for the trip. It was super easy to use, to fill up, to get around. It was also a stress-free experience when dropping the car back off, you drive it in and then someone takes it off you, you don’t need to do anything at all. Thanks Hertz.

14 days, mid-size car hire from LAX airport with costs from £260. For further road trip inspiration, head to the Hertz Road Trip Planner and discover iconic and off-the-beaten track routes, downloadable maps and insider guides.

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