March 23, 2018

Six Fun Things To Do In West Hollywood

I had the best time exploring LA in February, and being there for a couple of weeks meant I had the time to explore many different parts too – Silver Lake,Venice Beach, Downtown and West Hollywood. They say you should treat a trip to LA like visiting many different mini cities within one city, and plan well, so that you don’t spend the whole trip in traffic jams and stressing out over expensive Uber trips.

We stayed at the Andaz in West Hollywood, and it felt so atmospheric. The Andaz has a whole rock and roll history of its own, it used to the called the “riot Hyatt” because famous comedians and musicians would stay there and throw TVs out of windows and crazy after parties. It was *the* place to be. It still is an amazing place to hang out, and has beautiful panoramic views of the Hollywood Hills and one of the highest rooftop pools in Los Angeles.

Not only did our hotel room have the dreamiest view ever over LA, but we were walking distance from The Comedy Store, the sky bar, Book Soup and West Hollywood’s Soho House. I wanted to give you a run down of the things I loved doing while in We Ho. (I also recorded a podcast episode with Dawn O’Porter while I was there, who lives in West Hollywood, which you should deffo listen to!).

In West Hollywood, you can explore, blend in, and do my favourite thing to do, which is “to pretend you live there for a bit.”

1. Go on a bike ride about Beverly Hills

Cycling around London is no fun (in my opinion) but cycling around Beverly Hills? SO FUN. We went on a bike tour on a sunny day, and we were really glad we booked electric bikes, because, well, Beverly Hill’s is hilly! Clue’s in the name. We had the best time exploring all the nooks and crannies of Beverly Hills, mostly the film history, where certain film sets were located and a few “celebrity home” spots. But this wasn’t a TMZ style tour, this was more about the history of the film industry and some really industry true stories that you can later go home and Google some more. I recommend booking with Bikes and Hikes LA, the tour guides are excellent and they make sure you have a really relaxed fun day.

2. Drinks in Mondrian Skybar

The Skybar is quite a romantic lovely place to go for a cocktail. Mood-lighting, candles, amazing interiors, lovely staff, feels like a treat but also not over the top expensive. There’s good music and it’s a really good place to go for a nightcap before bed. 

3.  The Comedy Store

Historically, the Comedy Store in West Hollywood has been called “the greatest stand-up comedy club in the world.” In the 1940s and 50s, Ciro’s was the hangout for movie people and was one of “the” places to be seen. It’s still packed full every night, but you can book in advance or turn up on the night and see if there’s been any ticket returns. 

4. Go To Book Soup

MY FAVOURITE BOOK STORE. You will go in, get totally sucked into it’s magic, and stay in their for HOURS.

5.  Happy Hour at Ceconi’s

Ceconi’s is chic but also casual, a really nice mix if you are wanting somewhere nice for dinner. Described as “a modern day classic Italian restaurant open for breakfast, lunch and dinner” it serves delicious hand-made pasta, seafood and dishes from Italy using the freshest ingredients.

6. Melrose Avenue

I think Melrose is my favourite little strip of LA. Coffee shops, vintage clothing shops, art, hustle and bustle. From vintage shoes to chic evening outfits, there range of shops is amazing. (We also walked past a café where you can apparently get a latté with Ryan Gosling’s face on and I really regret not going in!) I enjoyed browsing in Buffalo Exchange, Creatures of Comfort, Iguana vintage and loads more. I recommend just wandering aimlessly around!

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