March 24, 2018

Unwind Your Mind At Two Bunch Palms

The oldest hot mineral spa in the America, I can honestly say Two Bunch Palms is one of the most relaxing places I’ve ever been.

I feel like these posts often start the same way: I talk about how overwhelmed with work I can get (I love my job and am very lucky, this is *not* a moan, but burn-out can be real for anyone); how I feel like I’m constantly spotty, that the London pollution is getting to me, and how I can suddenly feel quite claustrophobic of city life, even though I LOVE London and choose to live there. Sometimes I feel like I can only properly unwind when I am physically away from all the normal routines in my life. This doesn’t always mean a luxury getaway at all, sometimes it’s going for a walk, or a staycation only half an hour away by train. In my opinion, occasional new surroundings can be good for the soul.

No human-being is designed to be “go go go” and we all need time to switch off, whatever that might be. Sometimes a deep oily bath can do the trick, but sometimes it just sellotapes over the cracks. Sometimes I just know I need to get away and disappear for a bit. I feel so incredibly privileged that I get to travel as part of my job. In February I got invited to speak at a conference in California and as part of this I decided to explore Desert Hot Springs (near Palm Springs).

I had a VERY zen day: I had Cyrotherapy (yep, standing in a chamber of up to -90 degrees. Details of this are coming in a separate blog post) and then we went for lunch at Two Bunch Palms, and the lunch was incredible. I had a salmon brioche burger (Paul had a proper burger), sweet potato fries to share and a beer. It’s a place to unwind, eat what you like, and bask in the hot sun.

Two Bunch Palms is famous for it’s mineral-rich hot springs. It was simply known as the ‘Desert Spa’ in the 1940s, and has long been renowned for its spa treatments performed by experienced healers. This is the amazing thing about Palm Springs it has a feeling of nostalgia when visiting many of these old cool hang-outs.

I cannot tell you how relaxing the atmosphere is here. You can get a day pass and get to hop from one hot spring to another all day. You pop all your things in to a locker (including your PHONE) and then spend the whole day outside dipping into all the different pools and lagoons. It feels good for your skin, unlike a chlorine-infested swimming pool. I felt like a mermaid in a lagoon.

The hot spring pools have different temperatures, depending on what you feel like. You can also go in the big pools with other people, or the smaller pools which are perfect for two people.

The other big reason I totally fell in love with this place was because of the beautiful surrounding grounds. After you’ve had a day in the hot-springs, the sun starts to go down, and it’s the perfect time to go for a short walk in the warm evening breeze.

Soak at Two Bunch Palms by buying day spa package (which includes a treatment) and starts at $239

*Thank you Visit Greater Palm Springs for our complimentary lunch and day pass. It was an incredible experience that I will never forget.*

Check out the Visit Greater Palm Springs website for more information on the amazing things you can do in the area.


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