April 24, 2018

Let Me Tell You About Marguerite

I basically went up to Joanna Payne at a party a few months ago (she is the founder & director of the incredible Marguerite London – a club for women working in the arts) and said I *loved* what she was doing.

Last week I was invited to be a part of her event at Push PR in London all about mentoring and how to help others and set boundaries while doing so.

Long story short: if you like what someone is doing. TELL them.

You are looking for a club to join, to learn from, need support or a place to meet creative people then follow/join Marguerite London asap. (Self-employed life doesn’t have to be a lonely experience). Honestly it was the most welcoming room of people who want to chat and share and help.

Join here (membership starts at £15/per month): margueritelondon.com

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