April 30, 2018

CTRL, ALT, DELETE Podcast: #126 Dolly Alderton (LIVE)

Dolly Alderton is a journalist, author of Everything I Know About Love and co-host of The High Low show.

In this very special live episode of Ctrl Alt Delete, I interviewed the brilliant bestselling author Dolly Alderton on writing, friendship, saying no to people-pleasing and in general we had a GOOD OL’ NATTER. Thanks to everyone for coming along, to Rosie for organising the logistics at Waterstones Tottenham Court Road (and for providing the amazing Dolly cocktail) and Shola for producing.

Dolly Alderton’s glorious memoir, Everything I Know About Love, has been in the top 5 Sunday Times bestseller charts for months, she vividly recounts wrestling with self-sabotage, getting drunk, getting dumped, and realising that that your mates are always there at the end of every messy night out. It’s a book – above all else – about recognising that you and you alone are enough.

Some quotes:

“The question that annoys me the most is if the book was ‘like therapy to me’. I find that so insulting.”

“When it comes to promoting my work I don’t feel a shred of embarrassment about it.”

Hope you enjoy this one!

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  1. Sandrine says:

    So excited to listen to this! I love your podcast and loved her book so much too!

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