May 18, 2018

CTRL, ALT, DELETE Podcast: #130 Sam Conniff Allende

Sam Conniff Allende is a multi award-winning serial social entrepreneur, acclaimed public speaker, consultant and author of Be More Pirate.

Be More Pirate (or How To Take On The World and Win) is out now by Penguin Random House and is a manifesto for radical action and change based on the true and untold strategy and success of the Golden Age of Pirates as agents of change, leadership and social innovation. 

Sam is a brilliant public speaker on a range of topics and has worked with clients ranging from Netflix to PlayStation, Facebook and Google.

He is on board of Livity, a youth-led creative network and has helped thousands of young people across the world.

In this episode we discuss trusting your instinct, defining success, how success is a mess, why you should break rules and how to take back power into your own hands.

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