June 18, 2018

A Letter To My Younger Self with RESCUE®

I’m excited to be involved in the latest RESCUE REMEDY® campaign. Rescue is a product I can’t go without in my handbag, especially when I’m about to do any sort of public speaking or long-haul travelling. The latest campaign involved writing a “letter to my younger self” which I loved doing and reflecting on. And I was reunited with one of my favourite people, Cherry Healey!


In today’s modern and busy world, we rarely take a moment out and reflect on how much we’ve
achieved in life. In my new book, The Multi-Hyphen Method, I ask a range of people what success means to them. One person said “to reflect on my achievements, big or small, more often.” It’s so important to make time to do so.

From getting our first job, living in new cities and navigating the modern dating world, there are many events which make us stronger and allow us to learn and grow. But, the hectic and busy lifestyle most of us now lead can sometimes leave us feeling overwhelmed. So what’s the best way to deal with this?

To celebrate this, RESCUE® launched a campaign called “A Letter to my Younger Self”.

Each of us had to write a letter to our younger selves, reflecting on their achievements and all
the things that have helped shape the people we are today. We got deep. How often do you sit down with a pen and paper and reflect on what you’ve achieved?

Now we want to encourage people everywhere to do the same, so it’s time to take a #rescuemoment, reach out to friends and reminisce on how far we’ve come in life.

For more information on the campaign click HERE.

*This blog post is a paid partnership with RESCUE, but all my opinions are my own*

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