August 27, 2018

CTRL, ALT, DELETE Podcast: #144 Justin Myers aka The Guyliner

Justin Myers is a journalist who for a long time wrote under his pseudonym The Guyliner.​ He has now published a book called The Last Romeo.

I first started reading his hilarious writing back in 2012 when his blog posts started getting published on the Huffington Post.​ He has written for Gay Times, GQ and the Guardian. His first novel, The Last Romeo, was published by Little, Brown in Spring this year.

His book The Last Romeo tells a story of the character James –  his long relationship with Adam ends, decides to try out the dating scene for the first time, writing about his exploits for a small, loyal audience under a secret identity: the Last Romeo. An account of a date with a closeted celebrity boosts the blog’s popularity, not to mention its notoriety, and soon James finds himself reluctantly internet-famous, and dealing with the associated perks and pitfalls; the fans, trolls, and haters, who all want to know one thing: who the hell is Romeo?

We talk about what it’s like coming out as your real self from behind an anonymous blog and how to use your experiences for a novel. We also talk about age and I like this quote from Justin: “There is no new rule that once you hit 35 or 40, you are suddenly no longer interested in new things around you or new stuff.”

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