October 12, 2018

CTRL, ALT, DELETE Podcast: #152 Amy Thomson

Amy Thomson​ is a tech entrepreneur and founder of Moody.

She was the founder of SEEN, a global marketing agency working with brands such as Nike, Microsoft and RBS. She is also the co-founder of a business school for future female leaders called Future Girl Corp (alongside Sharmadean Reid, another Ctrl Alt DElete guest), which has a simple mission to inspire the new generation of female leaders. Now, she, alongside her team, has ​launched the Moody Month App. ​The mission ​of the app i​s to empower every woman to harness their moods through understanding their hormonal and emotional selves. The Moody Month App will allow you to track your monthly moods and cycle, along with plugging straight into your calendar and giving you mood forecasts for your month.
​The message behind the app is that being moody is your biggest asset, it’s what makes you human not a robot. By having more awareness of your moods, means you can optimise your happiness. Let’s all re-connect and embrace the things that make us humans​.​​​​

​Amy has shared her story and inspiration behind the app so honestly and openly in this episode. In 2015, when​ her periods stopped due to ​stress, she ​start​ed​ a diary, and began to see patterns linking her bad moods and her hormonal imbalance.​ ​​She then sold her agency, broke up with ​her boyfriend and set out on a mission to build this​ new​ technology​ which has turned into ​Moody. The​ site​ and app​ offers advice, from books recommendations, t​o articles ​to superfood tips. There’s an online shop, too​. I found this conversation SO inspiring and I hope you do too.​

My favourite quote from the episode:

“I’m getting Ubers, I’m ordering food, I’m using Nike Plus to track my running, but I’m a writing an analogue diary for my periods??”


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