December 03, 2018

Ctrl Alt Delete x Dropbox Mini Series

I am very excited to bring to you a mini series of four episodes in partnership with Dropbox around the topics of creativity and collaboration.

As you know on this podcast I interview interesting creatives about the internet, their work, and how to get more done in less time. Dropbox is a collaborative platform for teams, enabling creativity through their product suite of tools (like the brilliant Dropbox Paper) which helps teams all over the world stay in flow and move work forward.

In these four special episodes, I interview the co-authors of Creative Superpowers, a book published by Penguin about re-learning key traits often forgotten from childhood, such as adaptability, curiosity, empathy and fearlessness by the authors Laura Jordan Bambach, Scott Morrison, Mark Earls and Daniele Fiandaca. Each author shared some fascinating stories and anecdotes with me, and have some seriously wise advice about how to live a more creative and fulfilled life. I felt super inspired after chatting to each of them and I hope you do too.

In episode one, I speak to Laura Jordan Bambach about how creativity isn’t something that happens to you at your desk. How to get good ideas, why you should keep a dream diary, how diversity is still an urgent matter, how to gather all sources of your creativity, and how to not take things too personally as a creative.

In episode two, I interview Scott Morrison on “How to Lose The Ego” – we discuss how to collaborate with others in an authentic way, how to lift up others in your team, why you should work with people smarter than you, removing ego when being creative and the tools Scott uses when on the move.

In episode three, I chat to Mark Earls on how creativity can solve difficult problems. We discussed tips and tricks on rewiring your brain to get you look at things differently, plus tools and practical tips from Mark’s long and successful career as a creative.

And finally in episode four, Daniele Fiandaca discusses his popular initiative Token Man. We discussed collaboration and building inclusion in the workplace, why diversity is key for creativity ​ how to make sure you are connecting with people outside your social bubble, how to connect with others and the tools used to build a new project.

I love this quote from Laura: “You didn’t get here by accident. That doesn’t mean you should be pig-headed, but your ideas have value.”

*These episodes are sponsored by Dropbox*

Listen to all FOUR episodes HERE.


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