March 29, 2019

CTRL ALT DELETE Podcast: #191 Erica Williams Simon

Erica Williams Simon is a podcast host, author and head of the Creator’s Lab at Snapchat.

We recorded this at The Mondrian hotel in West Hollywood. She is the host of one of my favourite interview podcasts The Call, hosted currently on the Man Repeller website. She is a full blown multi-hyphenate: head of the Creator’s Lab at Snapchat, podcast host, author of the forthcoming book You Deserve the Truth, published in May, which unpicks the lies we are constantly told. Prior to that, she worked in politics in Washington, leading Generation Progress among other roles, and was named one of POLITICO’s youngest Top 50 To Watch. We talk about why California is a great place to be an activist, what she knows about burnout and how her family have shaped her.

You might know by now if you’ve listened to the other episodes but I am thrilled to have partnered with Visit California for this special six part mini-series, The California Innovation Tour. I’ve worked with them for a few years now, and they’re doing some incredible things in the tourism landscape and it’s been really exciting to work with them on this podcast mini-series with a variety of different California-based guests. Over the course of my trip I met with some of California’s most forward thinking dreamers and pioneers, and I’m really excited bring you this mini-series. Make sure you check out all six episodes and start from number one!

The view from The Mondrian hotel, West Hollywood.

For more information on things to do West Hollywood and to help plan your own California road-trip check out, and, both websites have tones of info and travel guides, as well as a loads of content to inspire you if you’re thinking of booking a trip, including California Now, which is the tourism boards own blog and their tv channel Dream365. Have a look online and on their Instagram page (@visitcalifornia) for more inspiration. Thanks for listening and please make sure to rate and review on iTunes.

*This a PAID PARTNERSHIP with Visit California*

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