April 23, 2019

Talking Multi-Hyphen Careers on BBC 5 Live

“Emma Gannon believes this way of working simply suits many people better, by giving them outlets for different interests. She’s a journalist, podcaster and author of The Multi-Hyphen Method, which provides advice on how to manage multiple careers.

She says: “In America, it was always cool to have another role on the side, but in the UK there’s a stigma around being a ‘Jack of all trades’. From school and university, we’re told to pick one thing and become an expert, but the job-for-life isn’t possible anymore, even if you want that.

“Humans are multifaceted by nature, we have many interests and now we’re feeling braver about embracing that. Emma is confident that rather than “working in a way that suits the Victorian era, working at a machine for fixed hours”, many more will choose to have a concurrent careers.

But she says these “slashie” pioneers are at risk of burnout.The flip side of enjoying your job can be that you end up working 24 hours a day. There’s an increasing trend of merging your job and your life, and if you’ve got a few different gigs then even more so. There isn’t enough support for people working this way. The admin side of things can be quite intense, more so if you’re running more than one business.”

You can read the full article here.

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