August 08, 2019

CTRL ALT DELETE: #210 Liz Ward on Pivoting

Liz Ward is a personal/business coach with over 12 years experience

She develops and mentors high performing individuals, from entrepreneurs in the start up world to people in corporate management roles. With a background in brand, digital and business development, her career history includes the rebrand of the Millennium Dome to The O2, then London 2012 Opening Ceremony campaigns and global digital strategy for spirits giant, Bacardi-Martini.

After a case of severe burnout, Liz pivoted her career in 2013 and left the 9-5 corporate world. She led marketing and product strategy for disruptive tech startups and then launched Slick Pivot in 2016, a new mission to help people to pivot their careers and businesses for more happiness and growth.

Liz now helps new and seasoned entrepreneurs get good at change and supports their pivot journeys through one to one coaching, team workshops, and events. Whether that is quitting that 9-5, starting that business and developing the right mindset for success.

“The common theme for these pivotal moments is that they all started with a feeling of pain or something needing to change.”

We have ALL had those moments where we realise we want to make a change, for me it was quitting my job three years ago to write my books and do this podcast, but it can be really hard to make such big decisions and craft a plan.

I loved chatting to Liz and hope you enjoy this as much as I did.


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