September 15, 2019

CTRL ALT DELETE #215 Chelsea Kwakye

Chelsea Kwakye is the author of the book Taking Up Space co-authored with author and friend Ore Ogunbiyi.

She is also a history graduate from Cambridge University and Taking Up Space tackle issues of accessibility, unrepresentative curriculums, race and discrimination within university spaces. This is the second title from #Merky Books, a partnership between Penguin and Stormzy, who has also announced that he is funding two Cambridge scholarships for black students in the UK. Whilst at Cambridge, Chelsea was the only black girl in her year group of around 200 people studying History, making it a very difficult environment to navigate – this is what we discuss in this episode of the podcast. She is currently studying at the University of Law in preparation for her training contract with a city law firm in London starting in 2020. She is one busy woman. Hope you enjoy this one and as usual please leave a rating or review if you enjoyed it.


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