November 11, 2019

CTRL ALT DELETE #227 Dawn O’Porter


It’s been a Dawn O’Porter themed week! I hosted Q&A event with Dawn at Foyles which was so fun, we then recorded the podcast, and then her launch party!

Dawn is the author of 6 books including the award-winning YA books Paper Aeroplanes and Goose, her first adult novel The Cows was a Sunday Times Bestseller and her latest book “SO LUCKY” is totally fantastic. The novel is about three women and how life really isn’t as perfect as it looks. Ruby is feeling like she’s failing as a mother and woman, Beth is in a sexless marriage and online influencer Lauren is not telling the truth on Instagram.

We talk about writing fiction, finding inspiration and the power of saying no and quitting something that is making you miserable. If you enjoyed this chat please do rate/review!

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