Hi, I’m Emma.

Emma Gannon is a Sunday Times Bestselling business author of The Multi-Hyphen Method and broadcaster who has been published in everything from The Guardian to MTV, ELLE to GLAMOUR, has been a columnist for The Telegraph and COURIER magazine. Emma regularly features on programmes such as BBC Breakfast, BBC Woman’s Hour and conferences and events, where she shares her perspectives on work, lifestyle, feminism, millennial trends and multi-hyphen living. She is the host of her own hit podcast, the WEBBY-nominated CTRL, ALT, DELETE. The show has reached 4 million listeners in over 100 countries and she even recorded a live podcast at Buckingham Palace recently. She wrote this in the third person as it sounds better, she thinks.

This is my podcast Ctrl Alt Delete.

I chat to my guests about their relationship between creativity and the Internet. It has been recommended by The Times “50 best podcasts”ELLEMarie Claire, WIRED, Esquire and many more. I’ve had some very inspiring guests so far such as Elizabeth Gilbert, Lena Dunham, Gillian Anderson, Ava Durvernay, Greta Gerwig and loads more. Have a listen!

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I also wrote a bestselling book.

An instant “Sunday Times business bestseller,” the book teaches readers how to embrace the entrepreneurial spirit within themselves, reject the “Jack of all trades” stigma and to channel creativity and drive to start living more fulfilled and varied lives. Whether you’re a staunch 9-5er or a millennial side-hustler, I wrote this book as a source of inspiration to seek out your personal vision of success.

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"Emma Gannon is a bright spark of light in the world." - Elizabeth Gilbert

Catch me at these upcoming events

Come and join me at events in London and around the UK. I host live podcasts of Ctrl Alt Delete with authors and creatives, participate in book events and festivals on the theme of The Multi-Hyphen Method and much more.

"Emma is a pro-interviewer" - June Sarpong MBE